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There will be no school on Friday, March 3rd.
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Krista Garcia » Dream Big Dreams!

Dream Big Dreams!

Welcome to Your New Class!

My name is Mrs. Garcia.

I hope you are as excited for the 2018 school year as I am! I love learning as much as I love teaching; I hope that my love for learning will inspire those in my class to love learning as well.
I grew up in Ramona which is in the Eastern part of San Diego County (very VERY East). I moved to the inhabited part of San Diego for college and attended California State University, San Marcos. I majored in criminology and justice studies with a minor in political science. A year after graduating college, I met my husband at the Miramar Air Show. He is in the United States Marine Corps, and after we met, we lived in Hawaii for 2 years on the beautiful island of Oahu. In 2015, we were moved back over to the continental United States and settled down in Murrieta. We have two very large, crazy dogs and our toddler son, Braiden, who was born in February 2017.
My prior careers are very diverse. I have worked retail, hospitality, as a restaurant server, and in banking. After I completed my undergraduate degree, I worked for a group home in San Diego and helped steer troubled minds in the right direction. I also was an au pair in Spain for a summer and had the wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture while taking care of three beautiful children. When we moved to Hawaii, I started working at Navy Federal Credit Union where I became a financial advisor as well as a mortgage consultant. After a long hiatus from school myself, I decided to go back to school at the University of Redlands and earn my Master's degree in teaching and learning as well as my California teaching credential.
 A Few of My Favorite Things
Color: Blue
Food(s): Sushi
Snack(s): Junior Mints, Cheese, Fruit
Drink(s): Water
Hobbies: Exercising, Hiking, Learning New Things, Art  
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Spring
Place: Rome
Birthday: April 15
***Happily Accepting Donations For Our Classroom***
Here is a list of supplies that are always appreciated:
  • Markers 
  • Colored Pencils
  • Glue Sticks
  • Liquid School Glue
  • Highlighters
  • Sharpies
  • Expo Markers
  • Post-Its
  • Lined Paper
  • White Paper
  • Colored Paper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Kleenex
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Baby Wipes
  • Zip Lock Bags (Snack, Sandwich, Gallon)
Thank you for all that you do! Your donations are always appreciated!

Recent Posts

I hope everyone had a safe break and wonderful holidays. If your child has yet to start working on their science project, please remember it will be due on the 19th of February. They will need another trifold board to showcase their science fair project. Today we reviewed the difference between an independent, dependent, and a control variable in an experiment. Tomorrow we will go through the entire scientific process in a miniature experiment with the class so the students can have an idea of what they should start doing at home.
I will be sending home book orders for those who are interested. If you do not wish to look through the flyer and would prefer to shop online, visit and my classroom ID is THKDQ. The books would be shipped directly to the school and I would then send them home with your student. There are many books available each month for only one dollar, so take advantage!
Students completed a novel study before break. I will not be assigning homework this week, but I am giving those who are missing their chapter questions a chance to take the ones they are missing home and complete them by next Tuesday. Please check powerschool and see if your student is missing a chapter or two so they can be working on these at home. Thank you!

State Testing and Math Test

Good Morning Parents! We will have state testing all day tomorrow and Thursday. Please send a book with your student as if they finish early, they will need a quiet activity to complete. 
On Thursday, we will have math review after testing. The math test will be on Friday. This math unit was about multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers (a positive multiplied by a positive is a positive, a positive multiplied by a negative is a negative, etc). I want to make sure everyone has the math test completed before winter break so they do not forget the subject matter during the holidays. Thank you!

Winterfest Gift Basket

Please view the signup if you wish to donate to our classroom's Winter Festival ("winterfest") gift basket. This will be used as a fundraiser for the school; the basket will be raffled off during the winter festival on December 7th from 3-7. There will also be games, music, food, and a booth for every grade level. 

New CAR Assignments

I have made a few changes to the CAR assignments. Every week, students will be responsible for word work activities which will count in their literacy as well as their homeroom grade. They will also still be required to complete a current event, reading log, and also work on their science fair project.
An entire timeline has been posted on the homework page so you and your student can look ahead to see what may be coming up for the science showcase and prepare. 
We also will be completing a novel study in class. Each student will have their own copy of the book so they can follow along. If your student is absent, they will be responsible for reading the chapter we completed in class as their reading for that evening so they are not behind the next day. Thank you!

All report cards were sent home with your students today in a sealed envelope. Please ask your student for their report card when they arrive home so you can review their grades. If your student left early, their report card will be mailed to you, and you should receive them before you get back from Thanksgiving break. Be safe and have a great week off!

Math Test Friday

We will be having a math test Friday. The test will be about percentages. This and the math workbook pages will be the last math grade that could sway your child's grade in math. Please make sure students attend school on Thursday to review the math questions in class with me. I will review the math test once in the morning and then again at 2:30pm during Rosetta Stone time only for those who were at the cross country meet in the morning. Students were advised that this is an open note test and taking notes could be the difference between a passing and failing grade. 

The Thanksgiving Food Drive is ending on the 16th of November. The only items that are accepted are listed on the flyer above.

National History Day

Your student's National History Day Project is due on Friday November 9th. If your student would like 5 extra credit points, they can turn it in on Tuesday, November 6th. Please make sure they are making sufficient progress and will be ready to turn in their completed product on the 9th. Their process paper will not be needed until next Tuesday the 13th. It will be graded separately. 

Math Test Today

We had a math test today, and I am allowing test corrections. Please check your student's grade and see if there is room for growth. In order to receive partial credit for the missed questions, they must write out the problem on a separate piece of paper, show their work for the correct answer, and write a sentence about how they got that answer. Test corrections must be received by Friday.

We need your donations to help make this costume party a successful fundraiser for Camp Surf! All middle school teachers will be accepting donations starting the week of the 22nd. Please donate if you can. Thank you for all of the parents that signed up to volunteer for the day of the dance. If you are interested and haven't signed up, we would still love help for setting up, cleaning up, and chaperoning. Just let your homeroom teacher know. 
There are 3 more Camp Surf information meetings on the calendar. Remember, you must attend one of these in order to go to Camp Surf in May. They are at various times to hopefully better accommodate your busy schedules.  
There will be a math test on Monday the 15th of October. We will be finishing up the math lessons tomorrow and then review on Friday. I will be grading the math workbooks on Friday during peaceful playground, so students are encouraged to take home their workbooks and finish any missing pages. Students can take their math book home over the weekend to prepare and I will remind them. The concepts they have been studying include variables, constants, coefficients, the order of operations, and the distributive property. They should also be familiar with the associative and commutative properties.