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There will be no school on Friday, March 3rd.
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Student Admission Policies and Procedures
Ed Code 47605 (b)(5)(H) "Admission requirements, if applicable"
Admission to the Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural Arts is open to all students regardless of ethnicity, creed, national origin, gender or disability.  Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural Arts is nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations; it shall not charge tuition.  Admission will require a commitment from both parents and students to meet the goals, objectives and mission of the School, as set forth in the Learning Partnership Agreement (Student/Parent Handbook).  The SASCA admission application does not request information that could be used to discriminate against a student or his/her parent/guardian based on any protected characteristic of the student or his/her parent/guardian, including, but not limited to, mental or physical disability or current or prior eligibility for services pursuant to the IDEIA or Section 504.
Enrollment Procedures
The Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural Arts conducts an open enrollment period for at least two weeks in the spring of each year.  For the purpose of clarity to the families, this period will be called the Application Period.
The following is the hierarchy of preferences for enrollment in the Charter School:
  • Students who are currently enrolled in the Charter School.
  • Children of founders and teachers will be enrolled on a first come, first serve basis, not to exceed 10% of the total enrollment.
  • Siblings of students who are presently enrolled in the Charter School.
  • Students who reside within the Lake Elsinore Unified School District.
  • All other applicants.
If there is no space for a sibling or a teacher's child in the desired grade, the sibling or teacher's child is put on the waiting list for admission to that grade ahead of all others on the waiting list for that grade during the current school year, with total preferences for children of founders and teachers not to exceed 10% of total SASCA enrollment.
Should the Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural Arts receive a number of applications from potential students during the Application Period that exceeds the number of spaces available within the School, the School will conduct a random public lottery using the following rules and procedures, which will be communicated to all interested parties at least 10 days prior to holding the lottery.