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There will be no school on Friday, March 3rd.
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Nona Jones

(951) 514-1484
I'm excited to be a part of the faculty at Sycamore. I've taught and supported this school since its inception. I'm a firm believer that guiding children to take charge of their learning creates a recipe for successful lives. My B.A. was earned at Cal-State Los Angeles and my Master Degree courses from Chapman University. I'm currently working to complete my Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. I love what I do!  This will be my 2nd year teaching HomeStudy.  Come join the adventure!

Camp INVENT! - Summer Science Camp
SKEWEL - Student Centered Education Working Laboratory
ORFF - Schulwerk Music Training
CPI - Crisis Prevention Intervention
CPI - Autism Spectrum Disorders: Supportive Strategies for Crisis Prevention
CELL - Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning
CPR and First Aid
Singapore Math
Whole Brain Teaching
Western Municipal Water District's Summer Workshop


Recent Posts

April 6

The alevins have been released into the trough, but seem to stay clumped together at the sides. Do you know why? Can you guess how many alevin there are?
Aiden poses in front of the trout hatchery. Students are excited about the trout and full of curiosity and questions. Awesome! 
Do you notice anything different about the alevin today? Explain the changes you've observed? Do some research and find out what will happen next.

April 2

Once the alevin are free swimming, we'll release them into the trough. Do you think they're hungry? What should we feed them? Do you know what a trout's diet consists of?

April 1

Hatched trout eggs are called alevin. Can you explain what happens to them next?

March 30

When trout eggs hatch, what are they called? (Fill in the blank.) In a few days, the _____________ will be ready to leave the egg roller and swim in the trough.

March 29th

About half the eggs have hatched; however, I see white stuff in the trough. Do you know what it is? Is it good or bad for our babies? What should we do?

March 27: More trout eggs are hatching.

Do you know what trout hatchlings are called?