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There will be no school on Friday, March 3rd.
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Welcome to 6th Grade!
I'm looking forward to welcoming both students and parents into middle school!
Below are a few apps/websites that we will use on a regular basis:
  • Power School - where students and parents can check grades
    • There's even an app for both students and parents, so you can see grade changes immediately! 
  • Google Classroom - where the majority of classroom assignments, including C.A.R assignments, will be posted; this is also where students will turn in any digital assignments
  • Edlio - (aka the class blog)  is primarily where announcements will be made; C.A.R assignments will also be posted here weekly
  • PhotoCircle - an app where photos of students and class events will be uploaded 
Recommendations for students to be successful in middle school:
  • Come to school on time & prepared
  • Expect to work hard
  • Complete your work and turn it in on time 
  • Stay organized / check grades often
  • Take risks
  • Ask questions (in person or by email if it's easier for you)
  • Be kind
Recommendations for parents to help their children be successful in middle school:
  • Check your child's grades weekly on Power School and have a discussion with him/her about grades
  • Ask your child to log on to Google Classroom weekly to see what assignments and projects they are working on
    • **Note: It is helpful to actually have children show you the work that they completed on Google Classroom, rather than just what the assignment is to prevent miscommunication
  • Subscribe to our class blog via the school website
  • Ask your child about C.A.R (homework) each Tuesday
  • Download the free app, Photo Circle, if you are interested in seeing photos of classroom activities and events
    • **Once the first pictures are added, an email will be sent with a code to join the class page
  • Contact Mrs. Clark if you have questions or concerns 
Please use the tabs on the left to view announcements, check C.A.R assignments, and review policies and procedures for Independent Study. 
Science Vocab Assessment on Friday: 8/ 31/18
This week students began their science journey to learn about The Dynamic Nature of Rivers. We've been working with the following 9 words in various different ways! THIS FRIDAY there will be an assessment on lesson1 vocab words. They will be given the definition and will need to identify the word that corresponds with the definition. The 9 words are included below!
1. Channel 2. Delta 3. Deposition 4. Erode 5. Flood Cycle 6. Floodplain 7. Headwaters 8. Sediment 9. Watershed
( The definitions are in their dictionary section of their science journals)
Math Quiz on Monday we will have a math quiz on comparing fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.
       - Helpful IXL lessons: 6th-grade math --> I.1, I.7, and I.9
This is my third year teaching at Sycamore Academy and I am excited to teach 6th grade this year!
A little about me... I received my B.A. in Psychology from California State University San Marcos and continued my educational journey by receiving my Masters in Technology and Education from Azusa Pacific University. Along with school, I have an amazing husband and a puppy, Rocky. When I am not working on teaching material, I enjoy going to the beach, traveling, and spending time with family! I can't wait to get to know all my students and I am looking forward to all the exciting new memories this year!
My Favorites:
  • Color: Teal
  • Snack(s): Candy :)
  • Drink(s): Pineapple black tea... really any tea!
  • Sport(s): Baseball.. Go Angels!
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Season: Summer
  • Stores: Target, Hobby Lobby