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General Complaints

It is the policy of the Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural Arts to maintain a positive and productive working and educational environment.  There are some circumstances, however, when employees, parents and/or students may take issue with the conduct of another employee of the School or believe that a violation of federal law, state law or the school's charter is occurring in certain educational programs or in the governance or management of the school.  Employees, parents, and students are encouraged to bring complaints directly to the school's Executive Director for discussion and resolution.  If, however, the employee, parent or student does not feel comfortable with this approach, the employee, parent or student must use the below-identified complaint procedure.

If you have a complaint against a parent, student, staff, Executive Director or a board member please fill out this form and follow directions for submission.

The Executive Director (or Board President where appropriate) will conduct a prompt investigation and take appropriate corrective action where warranted.  Complaints will be handled as discreetly as possible, consistent with the need to investigate effectively and promptly resolve the matter.